Electrical Subteam

The Electrical subteam is responsible for the car's power distribution system, engine, transmission, and aerodynamic control systems, and all sensing, datalogging, and telemetry functionality, in addition to all web and application development. With such wide-ranging projects, the electrical Electrical subteam is necessarily multi-disciplinary in nature and finds itself working with all other subteams to ensure that their specific sensing and control requirements are met. On Electrical, you might find yourself designing and assembling custom PCBs, writing embedded software to implement performance-critical control systems, designing and assembling a custom mil-spec wiring harness, developing applications to support team functions, building custom CI/CD pipelines, or managing custom cloud infrastrucutre. Though many of our members are EE, CE, or CS majors, anyone who is interested in the application of electronics, sensors, software development, or control systems is more than welcome to join.

Calvin Molitor

Electrical Lead

Email: molit124@umn.edu