High Voltage Powertrain Subteam [Merged with Engine into Powertrain 2023]

The High Voltage Powertrain subteam is responsible for the design, control and manufacturing of the EV powertrain. The EV powertrain includes the battery(accumulator), electric motor, inverter, cooling systems, all control systems for the respective components. Due to the wide range of systems, the subteam tackles projects that range from high voltage circuit/PCB design, CAD and simulation, system integration, control software and much more. The High Voltage Powertrain subteam works with all of the other subteams to ensure that the EV powertrain is safe, reliable, powerful, and efficient. Many of our members are EE, CE, ME, or AEM majors, but anyone who is interested in the future development of the EV is welcome to join.

Sam Poli

High Voltage Powertrain Lead

Email: poli0072@umn.edu